Soreide Law Group is currently investigating the following broker due to clients who have reached out regarding the registered representative currently listed with NETWORK 1 FINANCIAL SECURITIES INC in Huntingon Station, New York, since June 8, 2016:


According to FINRA’s BrokerCheck, available to the public on FINRA’s website, CHARLES VINCENT MALICO, has been in the securities industry for 34 years and has been listed with 21 firms. Malico has 9 disclosures on his FINRA CRD report. Of the 9 disclosures 6 are “Customer Disputes.” Two of the disputes are pending, the remainder have settled. Malico denies the allegations.

On September 10, 2015, there was a dispute filed against CHARLES MALICO, that is still pending, alleging, “churning, unsuitability, breach of fiduciary duties.”  The damages requested are $99,990.00.

On January 14, 2008, another dispute settled for $3,645.76 following allegations of, “unauthorized trades.”

A dispute filed against CHARLES VINCENT MALICO from September 22, 2000, is still pending with allegations of, “alleged unauthorized trading.” The damage amount requested is $29,815.00.

On September 1, 1994, there was an award/judgement granted for $44,370.00, following allegations of, “unauthorized trading.”

A dispute against CHARLES VINCENT MALICO, dated March 17, 1993, was settled for $15,000.00, following the allegations of, “unsuitability.”

On November 27, 1999, a dispute was settled against Malico for $15,000.00 following the allegations, “As 1 of 7 respondents named in proceeding it was alleged that unsuitable misrepresented recommendations resulted in losses.”

If you’ve experienced losses due to the actions or recommendations of the NETWORK 1 FINANCIAL SECURITIES INC. of Huntingon Station, NY, broker, CHARLES VINCENT MALICO, contact Soreide Law Group and speak to an experienced securities lawyer at no cost regarding the possible recovery of your investment losses through a FINRA arbitration at:  888-760-6552.

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