FS Energy and Power Fund Losses?

FS Energy and Power Fund is a publicly registered non-traded business development company.  Investors may be able to recover FS Energy losses by filing an arbitration through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”). Many investors were not told of the risks associated with FS Energy, the illiquidity and the large commissions paid to the selling agents who may have improperly pushed this onto their clients.

Soreide Law Has Filed Claims for Investors Who Lost Money in the FS Energy and Power Fund

If an investor can show that the recommendation to invest in FS Energy was unsuitable the investor may be entitled to substantial compensation for their losses. FS Energy in non-traded so there are no public markets where current pricing is available. FS Energy does trade in Secondary markets which have priced FS Energy recently as low as $5.12 per share based on a tender offer.  FS Energy was sold to investors usually at $10 per share when shares were issued to investors.

Lars Soreide Highest Ethical Standard Award 2018

Lars Soreide Highest Ethical Standard Award 2018

Due to large upfront high commissions to brokers it makes it very difficult for investors to profit from non traded investments like FS Energy.  Non Traded products have become so popular among brokers without due to the large commissions, but they provide little to no benefit to investors who should have been sold more suitable and safer investments.  Many states now have gone so far as to even limit investors from investing more than 10% of their liquid assets in non-traded business development companies.  Many states impose these limitations because it is understood that that they provide virtually no benefit to investors in relationship to their risks.

Soreide Law Group has already filed claims on behalf of investors who have lost money in FS Energy and Power Fund. We bring claims against the brokers and/or brokerage firms that recommended FS Energy to their customers. We handle cases nationwide on a contingency fee basis and advance all costs for our clients. If you would like a free consultation about your FS Energy losses call 888-760-6552 today to speak with an attorney.