Securities Broker Mark Yadron Involved In Disputes Alleging Bad Advice, Unauthorized Transactions

Investor Alert! The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”), who regulates most securities professionals in the United States, discloses investor disputes about securities broker Mark David Yadron (CRD#: 1520648, Prescott, Arizona). Notably, clients allege unsuitable and unauthorized trading by Yadron, who worked for Merrill Lynch (2013 to 2020), Kestra Investment Services (August 2020 to present) and Kestra Private Wealth Services (August 2020 to present). Here’s more on the claims against Yadron relating to his securities broker or financial advisor role.

Merrill Lynch Client Alleges That Mark Yadron Provided Bad Mutual Fund Advice

First of all, BrokerCheck shows that a client of Merrill Lynch disputed Yadron’s actions. In this October 2020 complaint, the client alleged that Yadron provided bad advice about mutual funds. It appears that the securities broker’s March 2020 recommendations might have caused them to lose money. For this reason, Merrill Lynch elected to pay the client to resolve the matter in November 2020.

Merrill Lynch Client Alleges Unsuitable Recommendations By Mark Yadron

Secondly, the report about Mark Yadron shows a Merrill Lynch investor’s complaint from August 2019. Apparently, Yadron made unsuitable recommendations to this investor. Supposedly, unsuitable stock trades resulted from his November 2018 recommendations, producing more than $129,000 in damages. However, Merrill Lynch denied this dispute in August 2019.

Client Of Merrill Lynch Alleges Unauthorized Trading In Dispute About Yadron

Evidently, a third Merrill Lynch client came forward with a dispute about Mark Yadron in February 2017. It appears that without authorization, Yadron made closed end fund trades in their account. Apparently, the securities broker’s trading in August 2016 caused them to experience damages. Because of this, in June 2017, the securities firm opted to settle this matter through making a payment to this client.

Prior Disputes Allege Unauthorized Trading By Mark Yadron

There are three remaining client disputes involving Mark Yadron. All of those disputes allege unauthorized transactions. In one case, Yadron supposedly made an unauthorized bond purchase. In another dispute, the securities broker faced accusations of unauthorized trading involving stocks. Investors received compensation as part of settling those matters.

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