Katalyst Broker Peter Janssen Seemingly Sells Bad Mega Blockchain Investments

A couple investors appear to be sounding the alarm in regard to securities broker Peter Kyle Janssen (CRD#: 5691028, Fairfield, IA). Namely, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) reports through BrokerCheck that investors’ disputes suggest sales practice violations by the securities broker, who worked for New York firms Aegis Capital Corp. (2013 to 2014) and Katalyst Securities (2015 to 2020) before joining Janssen Partners.

Katalyst Securities Client Indicates Peter Janssen Sold Bad Private Placement In Mega Blockchain

Evidently, a client of Katalyst Securities filed a lawsuit over losses supposedly caused by Peter Janssen. Apparently, in December 2017, Janssen told the client to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Specifically, Janssen had Mega Blockchain – a “venture opportunity” – in mind. Apparently, Mega Blockchain was intending to mine cryptocurrency products.

The lawsuit suggests that the customer invested more than $50,000 in the private placement offering because of Janssen. It is possible that the broker did not complete due diligence on this investment before offering it. He also might have recommended unsuitable investments or those that conflicted with the client’s suitability profile. For the securities broker’s allegedly improper and unreasonable actions, Katalyst Securities compensated the client in the amount of $27,500. Reportedly, this matter settled in July 2020.

Janssen Supposedly Recommends Bad Private Placement In Crypto Currency Company

FINRA BrokerCheck shows that in November 2019, an investor came forward to dispute Peter Janssen’s sales practices. Namely, the client referred to Janssen seemingly steering the client towards a speculative and risky investment in Mega Blockchain. Because of Janssen’s actions, the client decided to invest in the private placement. However, this might have been an unsuitable investment for the customer. Evidently, Katalyst Securities chose to settle this matter in June 2020 through making a $17,500 payment to the client.

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