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February 15, 2024
Andrew Schell Linked To D.A. Davidson Clients’ Unauthorized Trading Disputes

Some investors have supposedly experienced damages because of securities broker Andrew David Schell [CRD: 6536347, Colorado Springs, Colorado], according to disclosures on Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) BrokerCheck. Notably, Schell worked for D.A. Davidson Co. from January 16, 2020, to March 28, 2022, and previously for Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner Smith Incorporated from September 18, […]

February 15, 2024
Gilbert Conrad Facing Client Disputes Over Unsuitable Recommendations

Soreide Law Group is reviewing potential investor claims on behalf of individuals who incurred losses from securities broker Gilbert Russell Conrad [CRD: 2746778, Lewiston, New York]. Conrad's career includes periods at Arkadios Capital from February 24, 2020, to March 14, 2022, and at Independent Financial Group LLC from October 11, 2016, to February 21, 2020. […]

February 7, 2024
Commercial Real Estate Stock Losses?

Commercial Real Estate Earthquake: Did Your Broker Leave You in the Rubble? Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell may call the commercial real estate (CRE) tremors "manageable," but for many investors, the shaking has already caused cracks in their portfolios. This raises a crucial question: were their stockbrokers asleep at the wheel, steering them towards risky bets on shaky […]

February 5, 2024
Keith Kordich In Morgan Stanley Client Suitability Disputes

Soreide Law Group is evaluating potential claims for investors who've faced losses due to Keith Matthew Kordich [CRD: 2743797, Boca Raton, Florida]. Kordich has been associated with Ameriprise Financial Services LLC since January 2019, after his time with Morgan Stanley. Notably, the FINRA BrokerCheck report on Kordich reflects several client disputes, particularly involving claims of […]

February 5, 2024
Investor Concerns Surrounding Nordo Nissi

Soreide Law Group is looking into potential claims on behalf of investors who have suffered losses because of Nordo Mauro Nissi [CRD: 1666385, York, Maine]. Evidently, Nissi worked for M. S. Howells Co. and Morgan Stanley. Notably, Nissi's record is marked by multiple client complaints and a regulatory action. Below, investors will find details on […]

February 4, 2024
Emerson Equity Clients Dispute Robert Melberth

Soreide Law Group is addressing the concerns of individuals who may have experienced financial losses due to the conduct of Robert Wyla Melberth [CRD: 4775230, Sarasota, Florida]. Melberth, previously associated with Emerson Equity LLC from July 22, 2020, to April 10, 2023, has been involved in several investor disputes during his time in the securities […]

February 4, 2024
Investigating Investor Disputes Concerning Phillip Sherrill

FINRA BrokerCheck shows that investors disputed the actions of Phillip Oxford Sherrill, also known as Phil Oxford Sherrill [CRD: 1160379, Cornelius, North Carolina]. Sherrill joined Cambridge Investment Research Inc. and Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc. in 2011. Below, investors can find more information on the disclosures related to Sherrill's activities in the securities industry. Allegations […]

February 3, 2024
Darien Bonney In MML Investor Disputes

Soreide Law Group is investigating potential claims on behalf of investors who suffered losses due to Darien Euclid Bonney (also known as D.E. Bonney) [CRD: 4899007, Scottsdale, Arizona]. Evidently, Bonney worked for MML Investors Services LLC from April 2, 2007, to January 27, 2022. Notably, investors allege sales practice violations in these disputes, including unsuitability […]

February 2, 2024
Robert David Sanctioned, Involved In Investor Disputes

FINRA BrokerCheck shows regulatory sanctions and investor claims concerning Robert C. David Jr. [CRD: 5211223, Farmington Hills, Michigan]. Evidently, he worked for Morgan Stanley from June 1, 2009, to April 2, 2019. Notably, the sanctions concern allegations of falsifying information and overconcentrating investor accounts in risky products. Also, investor disputes center around allegations of misrepresentation […]

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