November 24, 2022

Stephen Whitman Discloses Allegations Of Failure To Provide Information

Family Broker Fraud

Soreide Law Group is investigating possible investor claims against securities broker Stephen Whitman AKA Steve Whitman [CRD#: 2230369, Chesterfield, MO]. Notably, FINRA sanctioned the securities broker, who worked for Oppenheimer Co. Allegedly, Whitman failed to provide information and documents to FINRA when it investigated possible violations of FINRA rules. Here is a brief summary FINRA’s allegations against Whitman.

FINRA Sanctions Oppenheimer Co. Securities Broker Stephen Whitman For Failure To Provide Information

Evidently, on August 9, 2022, FINRA issued Case #: 2021071227301 sanctioning Stephen Whitman for infractions. Specifically, FINRA barred the securities broker. Notably, FINRA alleged that Whitman failed to provide information and documents to FINRA when it investigated possible violations of FINRA rules.

According to the Decision, in April 2021, Whitman was discharged by Oppenheimer and Co. Inc. following allegations that he accepted a loan from a client without notifying Oppenheimer. As a result of his termination, FINRA began an investigation into Whitman. On March 8, 2022, FINRA sent Whitman a Notice of Complaint. On April 7, 2022, FINRA sent Whitman the Second Notice of Complaint. Whitman was required to respond to the Complaint by April 25, 2022. Whitman never responded to the Notices, and on April 29, 2022, an Order states that Whitman defaulted. FINRA also asked the securities broker to provide documents and information on September 22, 2021, concerning the allegations that he borrowed money from a client while he was associated with Oppenheimer. Whitman failed to respond to FINRA’s request. As a result, Whitman violated FINRA Rules 2010 and 8210.

Oppenheimer Co. Disaffiliates With Securities Broker For Client Complaint

Also, Stephen Whitman worked for Oppenheimer Co. Evidently, Oppenheimer Co. disaffiliated with Whitman. Evidently, Oppenheimer Co. alleged that Whitman was the subject of a client complaint about a private investment.

Stephen Whitman Discloses Sales Practice Violations Allegations By Edward Jones Client

Moreover, on February 26, 2004, a Edward Jones client filed a complaint about Stephen Whitman. Namely, the client alleged that Whitman committed sales practice violations. Because of this, the client sustained damages. Therefore, the client requested $5,000 in compensation from Edward Jones or Whitman. Evidently, this complaint awaits resolution.

Recent Employer Information

Stephen Whitman worked for Oppenheimer Co. in Chesterfield, MO, as a securities broker from November 16, 2007 to April 27, 2021.

Damages Resulting From Oppenheimer Co. Securities Broker Stephen Whitman?

Have you sustained damages by investing with Stephen Whitman? If so, contact Soreide Law Group at (888) 760-6552 to talk with a securities lawyer about potentially recovering your investment losses. Notably, Soreide Law Group has effectively recovered money for investors in all 50 states. The firm represents clients on a contingency fee basis and advances all costs. Whitman and brokerage firms Whitman was employed by deny any and all allegations of sales practice violations.

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