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Windstream Holdings, Inc. has filed for bankruptcy because a court ruled it violated its bond covenants.  Windstream Bonds that were 6.375% senior notes maturing in 2023 were put into default.  The CEO of Windstream, Tony Thomas, said it was a “necessary step” to file voluntarily to address the impact on consumers and businesses.  It will renegotiate its debt with creditors and does not anticipate any material impact to its operations.

The reorganization plan put forth in court April 1st says it will attempt to reduce the company’s debt and try to emerge from restructuring quickly.  The initial chapter 11 reorganization filing was with the southern District of New York on Feb 25, 2019 and the business operated as normal since.

This leaves a significant impact on bond and equity holders.  Bond and equity holders were sold the Windstream securities by stock brokers touting high yield and safety.  However, this proved not to be the case and some brokers may have overconcentrated investors in these and other risky investments.  Some of the related bond CUSIP numbers for Windstream Holdings, Inc. Bonds are:

97382A101 97382A909 97382AOLD 97382A951 97382A950 97382A959 097382A10 97382A900 97381W104 097382A20 97382A309 97382A901

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Windstream as of May 8th is attempting to exit bankruptcy and Judge Robert Drain has approved an equity backstop agreement that could help it exit.  Low ranking creditors apposed this recent deal and say related rights offerings isn’t necessary.  The underlying stock of Windstream Holdings, Inc. is symbol WINMQ and has fallen from about $75 per share to $.16 which has obviously hurt investors badly.  Many brokers failed to limit losses in the decline and do their fiduciary duty to their clients by advising them to hold the entire way down.

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