Securities Broker Abdul Rahmani Faces FINRA Disciplinary Action

Financial industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) shows new investor-related information on BrokerCheck in regard to securities broker Abdul Matin Rahmani (CRD#: 4269583, Mineola, New York). Specifically, FINRA brought a disciplinary action against Rahmani for alleged violations of FINRA rules. Also, Rahmani’s employment ended with SW Financial following allegations of his outside business activity. In addition, a client dispute alleges misconduct by the securities broker. Here’s a summary of those disclosures.

FINRA Files Disciplinary Action Against Abdul Rahmani

Department of Enforcement alleged in an April 2021 complaint that Abdul Rahmani performed outside business activities in violation of Joseph Stone Capital rules. From 2018 to 2019, he supposedly did work for Axe Marketing Group LLC (Access Pre IPO). This company purportedly sold investors pre-IPO shares. FINRA says that Rahmani met with clients regarding investments through Axe Marketing. Purportedly, the securities broker used the same office as he did for securities business.

In the complaint, Department of Enforcement also alleged that Abdul Rahmani failed to follow investigation rules. The securities broker purportedly provided misleading information and potentially false information to FINRA when it asked him about his bank accounts and email addresses. Also, he supposedly provided false testimony about his Axe Marketing involvement. This matter is ongoing, and the securities broker denies FINRA’s allegations.

Employment Termination From SW Financial

Evidently, SW Financial employed Abdul Rahmani from August 2016 to December 2017. Notably, FINRA BrokerCheck shows that the employer disaffiliated with the securities broker for opening up an office for an outside business activity. According to SW Financial, Rahmani attempted to get clients to follow him to a separate broker dealer. Allegedly, the securities broker used his assistant to contact clients regarding transfers. The securities broker denies the allegations.

MML Investors Services Disaffiliates With Rahmani

Before joining SW Financial, Abdul Rahmani worked for MML Investors Services. Apparently, the firm ended their employment relationship with him amid allegations of him engaging in an outside business activity. Supposedly, the securities broker did this while on a special form of supervision.

Abdul Rahmani’s MML Investors Services Client Files Dispute

Evidently, a client of MML Investors Services came forward to contest Abdul Rahmani’s sales practices. Specifically, the client claimed that they suffered damages because of the firm or securities broker not contacting them on time. However, MML Investors Services denied this dispute.

Losses From Investing Through Securities Broker Rahmani?

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