A group of retirees ambushed financial advisor James Amburn, 56, outside his home in Speyer, Germany. The group attacked him and put him into the trunk of a car. “It took them quite a while because they ran out of breath,” said Amburn, who was then driven to one of their homes where he was held prisoner. They were angry because Amburn had lost approximately $3.6 million of their investments–mostly Florida real estate investments.

Amburn, a financial advisor from Digital Global Net alleges, he was chained up “like an animal,” burned with cigarettes, beaten and had two of his ribs broken with a chair leg. “I was struck. Again and again they threatened to kill me. The fear of death was indescribable. I never thought I would make it out alive,” recounted Amburn.

Amburn was held captive for four days. Amburn said he told his attackers that he could get their money back if he sold certain securities in Switzerland, but would have to send a fax to a bank. They allowed him to send a fax. Amburn wrote a message on the bottom of the paper for the bank to notify the police.

The Swiss bank telephoned German police and rescued Amburn. The retirees, ranging in age from 61 to 80, now face charges of kidnapping, torture, and grievous bodily harm. These charges carry a maximum penalty of 15 years in prision. When the arrest took place, a physician had to be on hand to help his captors into police vans because of their various physical conditions.

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