Securities Broker Charla Kabana Is Barred By FINRA And Involved In Sagepoint Financial Client’s Dispute About Suitability

Soreide Law Group is reviewing investor complaints concerning securities broker Charla Cynthia Kabana (CRD#: 1453982, Huntington Beach, California), as disclosed on FINRA BrokerCheck. Particularly, Kabana, who worked for securities firms Sagepoint Financial (her employer from 2016 to 2018) and LPL Financial (her employer from 2007 to 2016), faces allegations of unsuitable trading or other issues concerning a variable annuity. For more information concerning the allegations against this securities broker, read the following summary of disclosures as reported on BrokerCheck.

Client Alleges Unsuitable Variable Annuity At Sagepoint Financial By Charla Kabana

It seems that a Sagepoint Financial client disputed Charla Kabana’s activities as a securities broker, according to an investment dispute dated August 27, 2021. Mainly, the securities broker allegedly engaged in unsuitable trading. Supposedly, the client sustained damages because of Kabana’s actions with respect to the client’s variable annuity. It seems that the securities firm and broker denied this client’s allegation of improper sales practices. Also, the firm denied their request for $5,500 in compensation

FINRA Permanently Bars Kabana In Connection With Investigation Into Kabana’s Annuity Business Practices At LPL Financial

FINRA barred Charla Kabana as a securities broker effective August 21, 2018. The regulator usually expels a securities broker who fails to comply during an investigation. FINRA contends that the securities broker violated Rule 8210. Supposedly, Kabana did not provide the regulator with information and documents relating to variable annuity business and responses to compliance. Not only that, but she supposedly failed to testify in the investigation.

LPL Financial Discharges Kabana As A Securities Broker Over Variable Annuity Business Practices

Evidently, the firm terminated Charla Kabana as a securities broker on July 11, 2016. In particular, the firm contends that the securities broker engaged in problematic variable annuity business practices.

Losses By Investing With Kabana?

Note that securities broker Charla Kabana denies misconduct allegations against her. Have you experienced investment losses by interacting with this broker? You can reach out to Soreide Law Group at (888) 760-6552 to talk to experienced counsel concerning a possible recovery of your investment losses. Soreide Law Group represents clients on a contingency fee arrangement and advances costs. The law firm has recovered substantial compensation for US clients who have experienced damages from securities brokers or financial advisors.

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