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The OHO (Office of Hearing Officers) issued the following decision, which has been appealed to or called for review by the NAC (National Adjudicatory Council) as of April 30, 2021. The NAC may increase, decrease, modify or reverse the findings and sanctions imposed in the decision. Initial decisions where the time for appeal has not yet expired will be reported in future FINRA Disciplinary & Other Actions.

Charles Thomas Stevens (CRD #1698058, Saint Augustine, Florida)

On April 19, 2021 Charles Thomas Stevens appealed an OHO decision to the NAC.

Charles Thomas Stevens was barred from association with any FINRA member in all capacities. The sanctions were based on the findings that allegedly Stevens failed to appear and provide on-the-record testimony requested by FINRA in connection with its investigation into the accuracy of his Form U4 disclosures.

FINRA’s findings alleged that Stevens willfully failed to amend his Form U4 to disclose a judgment and three liens and to make timely disclosure of other liens. Stevens was allegedly aware of the liens on or about the dates they were recorded.

According to FINRA, Charles Thomas Stevens never disclosed three liens: one for nearly $216,000, one for almost $111,000 and one for a little over $9,000. Stevens ultimately disclosed the existence of the other liens, but late. FINRA stated that Stevens also inaccurately reported the release dates of other liens, falsely reported that liens had been released or discharged and removed previously disclosed, unsatisfied liens from his Form U4.

FINRA alleges that Charles Thomas Stevens’ Form U4 has allegedly portrayed an inaccurate representation of his substantial tax liabilities. FINRA also stated that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) filed a complaint against Stevens to obtain a consolidated judgment for federal income taxes he owed, and to foreclose on several liens related to real estate he owned. The IRS and Stevens, through counsel, jointly moved for the entry of a consent judgment against him for the unpaid taxes, totaling $634,387. Stevens allegedly never disclosed the judgment on his Form U4.

FINRA’s findings also stated that Charles Thomas Stevens allegedly submitted false statements on his member firm’s annual compliance questionnaires stating that he had no undisclosed liens. The sanction is not in effect pending review.

(FINRA Case #2017056627801)

According to FINRA’s BrokerCheck, Charles Thomas Stevens, has been in the securities industry for 32 years and has 11 disclosures on his FINRA CRD report. Charles Thomas Stevens was previously registered both as a broker and as an investment advisor and is not currently registered with any firm. Stevens was previously registered with 3 firms with the most recent firm listed below:

06/06/2006 – 02/05/2020  D.H. HILL SECURITIES, LLLP – ST. AUGUSTINE, FL 

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