LaeRoc Funds are real estate ‘private placements’ sold by various broker/dealers. LaeRoc Funds, a real estate investment firm, manages over $650 million in assets. LaeRoc 2005-2006 Income Fund, L.P., is trying to raise enough money to pay off debt due to the decline in real estate ventures. June, 2011, the Fund issued a cash call to investors who purchased the LaeRoc 2005-2006 Income Fund. A cash call is often a red flag for investors.

A notice of dissolution has been issued to investors in the LaeRoc 2002 Income Fund, L.P. Several properties in the LaeRoc Funds are in financial distress, consequently depressing the value of the Funds.

These investments may have been represented to the investor as low risk or conservative. If you feel that the investments may have been misrepresented to you, the conservative investor, we would like to speak to you.

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