Losses from Jeffrey Dixson?

Soreide Law Group is reviewing possible claims of investment related sales practice violations against financial advisor Jeffrey Dixson (CRD#: 4166311, Vancouver, Washington). Namely, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) BrokerCheck Report for Dixson shows that one regulator sanctioned Dixson for selling unlicensed products to clients and misrepresenting annuity applications. Not only that, but four clients filed disputes about him. Those disputes mainly suggest Dixson sold unsuitable investments causing clients to experience unjustified losses. Here’s more on the allegations against Dixson:

Madison Avenue Client’s Arbitration Claim Suggests Jeffrey Dixson Sold Unsuitable DPP or LP Interests

First of all, a Madison Avenue Securities client brought FINRA Arbitration #: 19-01939 on July 11, 2019. The client indicated that Jeffrey Dixson effectuated DPP or LP interest purchases which were inconsistent with the client’s goals or risk tolerance. It is possible the client was sold unsuitable and illiquid alternative investments such as GPB Capital funds. Apparently, those investments fell considerably in value since purchasing them. As a result, the client demanded $200,000 in compensation in this pending matter.

Client Files FINRA Arbitration Claim Alleging Dixson Sold Unsuitable Gemini Fund V Investment

It appears that another Madison Avenue Securities client took issue with Jeffrey Dixson’s sales practices. Specifically, according to a complaint dated April 17, 2018, Dixson allegedly sold Gemini Fund V when this was a bad investment. It appears that this investment poorly performed and caused the client unrealized losses. Because of this, the client alleged somewhere between $50,000 and $75,000 in damages. However, this matter closed February 8, 2019 without a resolution.

Madison Compensates Client Who Suggested Bad Advice By Jeffrey Dixson

Evidently, a client of Madison Avenue Securities disputed Jeffrey Dixson’s actions in September 2015 by filing a written complaint. Supposedly, Dixson gave bad investment recommendations to this client. The client contended that Dixson did not disclose all the limitations of a variable annuity when the client purchased it. Allegedly, Dixson did not tell the client about how withdrawals could affect the value of the variable annuity. Eventually, Dixson opted to pay this client $140,000 to settle this matter on April 13, 2016.

Client Complains About Dixson Supposedly Misrepresenting Annuity

A fourth claim from 2010 comes from a Madison Avenue Securities Inc. client who alleged Jeffrey Dixson misrepresented an annuity. Supposedly, when Dixson and the client met, the client told him that he wanted an annuity which would permit the client to invest in a diversified set of funds. Allegedly, Jeffrey Dixson misrepresented the annuity and invested the client’s funds in products bearing too much risk for the client. However, Madison Avenue denied the client’s allegations.

Lars Soreide Highest Ethical Standard Award 2018

Lars Soreide Highest Ethical Standard Award 2018

FINRA reports that Jeffrey Dixson works in Madison Avenue Securities’ Portland, Oregon and Clackamas, Oregon offices in addition to its offices located in Vancouver, Washington. The securities broker seems to have sold unreasonable investments to a number of Madison Avenue Securities clients given these four client disputes. Experienced losses through investing with Jeffrey Dixson? If so, contact Soreide Law Group at (888) 760-6552 and speak with experienced counsel about a possible recovery of your investment losses. Soreide Law Group represents clients on a contingency fee basis and advances all costs. The firm has recovered millions of dollars for clients who have suffered losses due to misconduct of brokers and brokerage firms.