Soreide Law Group would like to list some simple tips for investors. It is heartbreaking to hear some of the stories we hear almost on a daily basis. We caution would-be investors with some simple reminders when thinking of investing. Often, people who do not wish to invest in ‘risky’ products, are put in just such an investment. It’s hard for us to hear that someone has lost their retirement or life’s savings.

1.) Never be afraid to ask someone’s opinion or get help from a professional. You can speak to your adult children, or a close friend. If you are working with a financial planner, get their advice. Read up on the product and research the company.

2.) Stay away from nonpublicly traded investments. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Most of them offer ‘high return with little risk.’ They use these tactics to draw you in. These companies do not have the same regulatory and public scrutiny as the public companies. With all the public companies available to invest in, why risk the gamble of the private companies?

3.) Do not invest with companies who solicit you by mail, email, or by phone unless you know them personally. Chances are they may not be in this country. And please always remember, NEVER GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE YOU DO NOT KNOW, BE IT OVER THE PHONE, VIA EMAIL OR BY MAIL.

4.) Choose your broker or financial advisor wisely. Avoid the professionals who promise too much. Find a realistic, experienced, hard-working and easy to reach, financial professional. FINRA’s BrokerCheck is available on their website, always check them out. Do your homework first, so you won’t regret your decisons later.

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