The financial industry has been anticipating this time in history ever since the Baby Boom generation began. There are more people who will be turning more money over to stockbrokers than at any other time in history. 

We have watched the abuse investors have taken. Take for example, the investors in Worldcom or Enron. They soon learned that things are not always as they seem. No where is that more true than in the financial and securities industry. For brokerage firms, each customer complaint is no more than a drop in the bucket – just another cost of doing business. For a Baby Boomer investor, that “drop” could be their entire retirement fund. 

The many fraudulent schemes of broker/dealers turn what should be the golden years into years of desperation. Baby Boomers who saved and invested to prepare for retirement, find themselves returning to find work in an economy that no longer values their worth. Their legacy instead goes from what they can leave to their children and grandchildren to whether to move in with their children or reduce their assets in order to qualify for a Medicaid eligible nursing home.

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