Broker Brian Roth Reportedly Breached A Fiduciary Duty To Investors And Made Bad Investment Recommendations

The investment loss lawyers at Soreide Law Group provide you this investor alert in regard to problem securities broker Brian Robert Roth (CRD#: 4607595, Chester, New Jersey). Apparently, no less than three investors filed disputes about the securities broker, who reportedly worked for many firms including John Thomas Financial (2009 to 2013), International Assets Advisory (2013 to 2018), The Benchmark Company LLC (2018) and Aeon Capital (2018) before joining Newbridge Securities Corporation and Newbridge Financial Services Group in 2019 as a securities broker and financial advisor. Here’s what we know about these disputes and what you could do if you experienced losses from Roth.

International Assets Advisory Client Indicates That Brian Roth Sold Bad DPPs, LPs

Evidently, the most recent dispute on Brian Roth’s FINRA BrokerCheck Report comes from a client of International Assets Advisory in April 2020. First of all, the client alleged that Roth breached a fiduciary duty, where he might have been placing his interests before the client’s interests when it came to direct participation programs (DPPs) and limited partnership interests (LPs). Secondly, Roth supposedly violated FINRA rules. Thirdly, the client alleges a breach of contract and negligence on the part of the securities firm or Roth. Finally, International Assets Advisory purportedly failed to supervise Roth’s actions. For this reason, in June 2020, the client received $100,000 in compensation from Roth as a settlement.

John Thomas Financial Client Indicates That Roth Made Excessive, Unauthorized Transactions

Apparently, a client of John Thomas Financial disputed Brian Roth’s sales practices through a FINRA Arbitration Action. Notably, the client alleged in this 2013 lawsuit that Roth made excessive stock trades in the client’s account. It seems that Roth did not have a reasonable basis to believe that it was suitable for him to make these trades. Not only that, but Roth supposedly made trades without getting the client’s authorization. Moreover, the client indicated that Roth made misrepresentations in connection with securities transactions. Because of this, Roth paid the client a reported $125,000 to settle the dispute.

Brian Roth Seemingly Churns John Thomas Client’s Account

Also, Brian Roth discloses a lawsuit brought about by a second John Thomas Financial client. Similar to the other John Thomas client, this client suggested that Roth traded without the client’s knowledge or consent. Just as alarming, Roth allegedly churned the client’s account. It appears that Roth made excessive trades to benefit himself financially even if this came at the client’s expense. For this reason, John Thomas Financial opted to settle this matter in 2013 by paying the client $85,000.

FINRA BrokerCheck indicates that Brian Roth denies all allegations of misconduct.

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