Hilltop Securities Clients File Disputes About Financial Advisor Dennis Robberecht

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) shows on BrokerCheck that investors filed disputes about securities broker Dennis Robberecht (CRD#: 1213446, Roseville, California). Namely, the securities broker, who started working for Hilltop Securities in November 2008 as both a financial advisor and securities broker, is involved in investor disputes. Here’s more about the allegations which investors raised against him, and what you could do if you experienced losses.

Hilltop Securities Client Indicates That Dennis Robberecht Misrepresented Investments

Evidently, a client of Hilltop Securities brought a lawsuit over Dennis Robberecht’s sales practices at the firm. In this January 2020 complaint, the client first alleged that Robberecht misrepresented investments in municipal debt and a unit investment trust. Supposedly, the securities broker sold the client municipal bonds or UITs that poorly performed. For this reason, the client demanded $46,000 in compensation. Still, Hilltop Securities denied the complaint in January 2020.

Client Of Hilltop Securities Indicates That Robberecht Made Unauthorized Trades

In a second recent dispute on Dennis Robberecht’s BrokerCheck report, a client of Hilltop Securities complained about unauthorized trading. Particularly, the client’s June 2019 complaint alleges that there was unauthorized activity in a trust account. It seems that these activities resulted in losses or damages to the client. However, the securities firm denied this complaint in July 2019.

Southwest Securities Client Alleges That Dennis Robberecht Traded Against Instructions

Evidently, a client of Southwest Securities lodged a dispute in May 2015 regarding Dennis Robberecht’s trading of municipal debt and closed end funds. Supposedly, the securities broker’s trading conflicted with the client’s instructions. It appears that the investor asked him to stop making orders but he did not follow those instructions. However, Southwest Securities denied this dispute.

Prior Disputes About Robberecht Allege Sales Practice Violations

Specifically, prior investor disputes about Dennis Robberecht contain allegations of unsuitable, unauthorized and excessive trading by Robberecht. Notably, in the first dispute on the securities broker’s record, a client alleged that the securities broker’s trading was not suitable. In addition, that client alleged that the broker did not follow their instructions on selling securities, and that he made false statements. It appears that the client received $40,000 in a settlement of that dispute.

Harmed By Investing With Dennis Robberecht?

Evidently, Robberecht (AKA Dennis Robbercht and Dennis Robreck) denies accusations of his sales practice violations. Have you received losses or damages by investing with him at Hilltop Securities? If so, touch base with Soreide Law Group at (888) 760-6552 and speak with a knowledgeable securities lawyer about a potential recovery of your investment losses. Soreide Law Group represents clients on a contingency fee basis and advances all costs. The law firm has meaningfully helped clients who have experienced losses because of their securities brokers and financial advisors.Lars Soreide AVVO 2020 Top Lawyer