Securitites Lawyer, Lars Soreide, has announced an investigation into Praetorian Global Fund (Praetorian). There was an SEC complaint filed against the principals of the Praetorian Global Fund. The SEC complaint alleges that the principals and others used the hedge fund to obtain funds from it’s investors. According to the SEC complaint, investors were told that Praetorian and its entities owned millions of dollars worth of shares in privately-held companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, and Groupon that were expected to soon hold initial public offerings (IPOs).

The pre-IPO shares were held by these and other entities: Praetorian G Power VIII, LLC, Praetorian G Power IV, LLC, The Praetorian Fund, Ltd, Praetorian G Power XII, LLC, and Praetorian G Power VI, LLC,. The SEC complaint alleges that Praetorian NEVER owned the pre-IPO shares.

Allegedly, the money was said to have been escrowed with First American Service Transmittles (FAST), a Florida escrow agent, when in fact the money was NEVER placed with them, and transferred to the principals’ personal accounts.

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