The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority also known as FINRA, is hoping to make information about brokers more accessible to the investors, which they feel would hold those in the industry more accountable for their actions.

In September, FINRA voted to submit proposals to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that would make information in its BrokerCheck system easier for investors to find, and keep permanent the records of dismissed investment-related civil actions.

FINRA’s BrokerCheck is a free online tool that allows access to the professional backgrounds of about 1.3 million current and former FINRA-registered brokers and 17,400 current and former FINRA-registered brokerage firms. This system is accessed via FINRA’s website.

FINRA proposed amendments which would require all member firms to include a reference and a link to BrokerCheck on their own company home pages and related websites for all FINRA-registered brokers. There is an amendement to keep investment-related civil actions that have been dismissed by a settlement agreement on permanent public file in the BrokerCheck system as well. The amendments also would allow for downloading of BrokerCheck information as approved by the board. FINRA is hoping to make BrokerCheck easier for all investors to use.

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