The Securities and Exchange Commission is running a new ad campaign targeting seniors encouraging them to look up their financial advisor before they invest. Unfortunately, more often than not the check up on the broker happens after money is already invested or even worse lost. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority or “FINRA” has also marketed a broker check service for several years now but investors are rarely equipped to determine if their stock broker’s record warrants any significant red flags. Soreide Law Group is a securities litigation firm that protects investors from brokers and pursues litigation to recover investment losses. Call 888-760-6552 for a free consultation and free emailed report on your stock broker. Unlike the report that you can obtain through broker check and our law firm will help you navigate your stock brokers record and explain what it means to you and your investments.

Call 1-888-760-6552 if you feel concerned over your stock broker.

If you lost money with your broker may pursue a claim on your behalf on a no fee no recovery relationship.

All any report will show is licensure status, past and current complaints and the resulting disposition, and where the broker has been registered. To give some guidance as to what would be a red flag is that in 2003, FINRA conducted a review of the CRD’s of all 663,000 registered representatives, only 2,751 (.41%) had been the subject of (3) or more customer complaints. In other words if your broker has 3 or more customers complaints that would rank them in the top one-hundredth percent of all registered representatives for customers complaints.

Seniors and Investors Check Out Your Financial Advisor BEFORE You Invest