Losses In Premium Income Strategy at Mariner Wealth Advisors?

 Are you a high net worth individual who was sold on the “conservative” Premium income strategy by Mariner Wealth Advisors? 

This strategy was for individuals with at least $500k to invest, where Mariner used marginable assets to cover the margin requirements to then sell puts and calls short collecting the premium. The strategy admittedly failed if there were large fluctuations in the market up and down. Soreide Law Group represents investors that lost significant money in a strategy that was supposed to have a capped downside.

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The program itself claims it is not for conservative investors; however we have spoken with clients that were coded as conservative and put in writing that th

ey wanted to only be conservative, yet they were put into this strategy that lost approximately 35% of the client’s initial principal investment. The strategy was flawed because the upside of the strategy was to gain around 4% per year, but as our clients learned, the downside was unprotected and subject to significant loss of principal.

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