Have you invested in these  non-traded real estate investment trusts and funds that have recently seen steep devaluations?Name         Offering price      Per share Current estimated value       % decline per share  Behringer Harvard Opportunity REIT I          $10.00      $4.12           -58.80%       Behringer Harvard REIT I                                     $10.00     $4.64           -53.60%       Behringer Harvard Short-Term Opportunity Fund $10.00     $0.40          -96%       Cornerstone Core Properties REIT                     $8.00        $2.25           -71.88%       Inland Western Retail Real Estate Trust Inc.   $10.00     $6.95           -30.50%       KBS Real Estate Investment Trust Inc.               $10.00      $5.16           -48.40%   Source: SEC filings Securities Lawyer, Lars K. Soreide, of Soreide Law Group, PLLC, has represented clients nationwide. If you or a family member have sustained investment losses due to your stock broker or financial advisor’s recommendations, call for a free consultation on how to potentially recover your losses. To speak with an attorney call 888-760-6552, or visit our website at: www.securitieslawyer.com. Soreide Law Group, PLLC., representing investors nationwide before FINRA the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.