FINRA Investigating Bankers Life Broker Ryan Tarjanyi For Unauthorized Transactions

Soreide Law Group is reviewing possible investor lawsuits against securities broker Ryan Owen Tarjanyi (CRD#: 6065805, Greensburg, Pennsylvania). Notably, the Financial industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) BrokerCheck report on Tarjanyi shows that he maintained employment at ProEquities from 2012 to 2016, Bankers Life Securities from 2016 to 2018, and Trustmont Financial Group from 2018 to 2020. The BrokerCheck report also contains 8 disclosures, 6 of which pertain to investor disputes. Notably, one of the recent disclosures relates to an ongoing FINRA investigation to determine if Tarjanyi committed forgery, misrepresentation, and unauthorized transactions. Here’s more.

FINRA Recommends Enforcement Action Against Ryan Tarjanyi For Misrepresentation, Forgery

First of all, FINRA indicated that Ryan Tarjanyi should face punishment for violating FINRA rules. Particularly, the financial industry watchdog suggested that the broker was potentially falsifying documents, forging client signatures, misrepresenting an insurance policy, facilitating unauthorized withdrawals, and testifying falsely for FINRA when he was under investigation. It is possible that FINRA’s enforcement division may go after Tarjanyi for violating FINRA Rules 2150, 2010 and 8210. This investigation is ongoing.

BLC Client Alleges Forgery On Limited Convalescent Care Policy

Evidently, a client of Bankers Life contested Ryan Tarjanyi’s actions through a September 2020 dispute. Mainly, the client indicated that they did not agree to purchase a Limited Convalescent Care Policy. BLC’s investigation allegedly showed that someone forged the client’s signatures on documents to set up the policies. For this reason, the client received compensation to resolve this dispute.

Ryan Tarjanyi Supposedly Sells Unsuitable Annuity, LTC Policy To Client

Notably, a Bankers Life Securities client brought a dispute in February 2019 about Ryan Tarjanyi’s annuity sales. Supposedly, the broker caused a client to purchase four unsuitable annuities. Allegedly, each annuity had a 10-year surrender schedule which was bad for the client’s needs. Also, the client contended that Tarjanyi improperly sold an LTC policy. Moreover, Tarjanyi purportedly provided the client with misrepresented information about the annuities. Because of this, Bankers Life paid the client more than $141,000 to settle this matter in 2019.

Client Of BLC Alleges Unauthorized Withdrawals In Claim About Tarjanyi

BrokerCheck also shows that a client took issue with Ryan Tarjanyi in October 2018. Notably, the client indicated that the broker might have forged the client’s signature. Secondly, Tarjanyi supposedly stole money from the client’s account to fund a life insurance policy that the client did not authorize. For this reason, Bankers Life compensated the client in the amount of $32,500 in this September 2019 settlement.

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