Broker Trevor Rahn Targeted In JP Morgan Securities Investors’ Disputes

Soreide Law Group is investigating potential investor disputes to be filed against securities broker Trevor Bradner Rahn (CRD#: 2196155, Los Angeles, California). Evidently, this securities broker worked for securities firm JP Morgan Securities LLC from 2010 to 2018 until they disaffiliated with him over his trading practices. More importantly, he is involved in at least five investor disputes. All of those disputes allege sales practice violations by Rahn. Here’s what we know so far.

JP Morgan Securities Client Alleges Selling Away In Dispute About Trevor Rahn

Evidently, a client of JP Morgan Securities LLC disputed Trevor Rahn’s sales practices in an April 2020 dispute. Reportedly, the client’s main allegation is that Rahn caused them to purchase a private placement through a private securities transaction. Generally, a securities broker is “selling away” when they arrange for an investor to privately purchase securities that are not offered by the securities broker’s employer. However, JP Morgan Securities denied this dispute in April 2020.

Rahn Supposedly Made Excessive Trades

Reportedly, a client of JP Morgan Securities took aim at Trevor Rahn through a June 2019 complaint. It appears that Rahn made unauthorized stock trades and had used margin so that he could make commissions from the client. It seems that the securities broker’s excessive trades caused the client to sustain losses or tax obligations. Because of this, JP Morgan Securities opted to settle this matter in October 2019 through making a $549,184 payment to the client.

Trevor Rahn Allegedly Made Unauthorized Trades In JP Morgan Securities Client’s Account

Additionally, a JP Morgan Securities client filed a dispute in November 2018 in regard to Trevor Rahn’s trading practices. Supposedly, Rahn traded REITs, equities and closed end funds without the client’s knowledge or consent. Apparently, the securities broker made these unauthorized trades between March 2014 and September 2017. For this reason, the client received $114,000 from JP Morgan Securities in a February 2019 settlement.

JP Morgan Securities Client Complains About Unauthorized Trades

In a November 2017 dispute, a client disputed Trevor Rahn’s trading of closed end funds. Mainly, the client alleged that Rahn did not have authorization to make trades between August 2017 and September 2017. Ultimately, JP Morgan Securities paid this client $64,590 to settle.

Trevor Rahn Supposedly Fails To Tell Client About Fees

Also, a dispute from 2016 contains allegations of Trevor Rahn charging excessive fees to a JP Morgan Securities client. Not only that, but the securities broker supposedly failed to tell the administrators of the client’s estate about fees when liquidating an account. For this reason, the client’s estate obtained $57,847 in a November 2017 settlement.

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