Levinski Dealexis Barnes (CRD #2292179, Registered Representative, Lutz, Florida)

has been named a respondent in a FINRA complaint alleging that he discussed with a customer an investment in an accounting business that Barnes and other individuals were contemplating purchasing.

The FINRA complaint alleges that Barnes told the customer that if the
offer for the business was not accepted, his funds would be returned to him in full. Then, the customer agreed to purchase an interest in the business and wired an aggregate of $50,000 to an entity Barnes owned and controlled.

The FINRA complaint also alleges that Barnes informed the customer that they did not win the bid to purchase the business and that the $50,000 could not be repaid immediately.

Barnes wired the customer a total of $13,300 but has not repaid the balance of $36,700, thereby exercising unauthorized control over the customer’s
funds to which he was not entitled and making improper use of the customer’s funds.

This complaint further alleges that Barnes failed to timely and completely respond to FINRA requests for information and documentation regarding his entity’s bank account, thereby impeding FINRA’s investigation and preventing FINRA from completing its regulatory responsibility to fully investigate potential rule violations.
(FINRA Case #2010024271001)

The above information was obtained from FINRA’s website listed under “Disciplinary and Other FINRA Actions, October, 2012.”

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