Jane E. O’Brien, 59, of Needham, MA, is facing securities fraud for allegedly bilking her client out of $240,000. O’Brien was working for Merrill Lynch in Boston as a financial advisor at the time. O’Brien allegedly told an elderly woman she was investing her money in thousands of shares of a New Hampshire-based company called A.C. Corp. When actually O’Brien was using her client’s money to pay off her own mortgage and settle her legal fees involving a dispute with another client, according to charges filed November 18th., 2012, by federal prosecutors.

This alleged scheme began in 2009, when O’Brien had her client sign a bogus promissory note for $500,000. The client began making payments on the note in late November 2009, prosecutors said. She wrote the checks to a man O’Brien said was an employee at A.C. Corp., but was in reality O’Brien’s husband, the filing said. The husband has not been named and has since separated from O’Brien, according to the filing.

It was reported that after the checks were paid to O’Brien’s husband, he then wrote her checks from the account where the money had been deposited. O’Brien then wired money to her mortgage company to pay her mortgage. Other payments made were used for payment to a law firm representing O’Brien in another dispute with a former client.

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