Securities Broker Katherine Clark Involved In Investor Disputes Alleging Unauthorized, Excessive Trades

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) contains troubling information about Katherine S. Clark (CRD#: 856235, Chevy Chase, Maryland). Evidently, the securities broker worked for firms including Citigroup Global Markets (1993 to 2005), Merrill Lynch (2005 to 2014) and RBC Capital Markets (2014 to present). Notably, investors complained about Clark, suggesting that she caused them damages or losses. Here’s more on those disputes.

RBC Capital Markets Client Indicates That Katherine Clark Made Unauthorized Trades

Supposedly, a client of RBC Capital Markets took aim at Katherine Clark’s sales practices in a June 2020 dispute. Mainly, they suggested that when Clark was their financial advisor, she made unauthorized transactions. It seems that she sold stock from the client’s account without permission. Given the allegations of unauthorized sales in the client’s discretionary advisory account, the client demands compensation. Evidently, this matter is ongoing.

Merrill Lynch Client Indicates That Clark Made Unauthorized, Excessive Trades

Notably, a client of Merrill Lynch challenged Katherine Clark’s trading practices too. First of all, the client alleged that Clark made unauthorized trades. It seems that she lacked permission to process structured products trades. Secondly, she supposedly made unsuitable recommendations. Finally, the client alleged that Clark made excessive trades. However, Merrill Lynch denied this dispute.

Allegations Against Clark Also Include Failure To Follow Instructions, Failure To Disclose Risks

In a prior dispute, a client asserted that Katherine Clark failed to follow instructions. It appears that the client received $15,000 to resolve this matter. Also, a client complained about Clark failing to disclose risks on mutual funds and bond funds. Evidently, they won their claim and were awarded $172,167.39 in damages. Moreover, a client received compensation after alleging misrepresentation and unsuitability in a dispute about Clark.

Losses From Investing Through Clark?Lars Soreide AVVO 2020 Top Lawyer

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