Investor Disputes Involve Securities Broker Kyle Davis (Raymond James, Morgan Stanley)

FINRA BrokerCheck indicates that investors alleged improper sales practices involving securities broker and financial advisor Evan Kyle Davis “Garry Davis” (CRD#: 2995789, Atlanta, Georgia) and that those violations resulted in damages. Notably, Davis worked for Raymond James (his employer from 2013 to 2019), Morgan Keegan Company (his employer from 2007 to 2013), and Morgan Stanley (his employer from 1998 to 2007) during the time of the allegations against him. Check out the following summary of disclosures as reported on BrokerCheck.

Raymond James Client’s Arbitration Claim Alleges Breach Of Fiduciary Duty, Negligence Concerning UITs By Kyle Davis

Notably, FINRA BrokerCheck shows that a Raymond James client objected to Kyle Davis’s sales practices by bringing a dispute dated December 3, 2019. Mainly, the securities broker allegedly committed a breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, negligent supervision, breach of contract, and violation of securities laws (October 2012 to October 2019). Supposedly, the client experienced damages stemming from Davis’s unreasonable sales practices concerning unit investment trusts. It appears that the client received $75,000 in damages from the securities firm in settlement of the investment dispute on February 24, 2021.

Client Of Morgan Stanley Alleges Damages On Auction Rate Security

Specifically, a client of Morgan Stanley expressed concerns about Kyle Davis’s sales practices, according to a dispute listed on BrokerCheck. Notably, Davis allegedly caused the client to experience damages as a result of his actions relating to auction-rate securities. Mainly, the client makes allegations of Davis’s inaccurate representation of the investment liquidity. However, the securities broker denies the allegations of inappropriate sales practices. Notably, the client received damages according to a settlement of this dispute with the securities firm.

Illinois Securities Department Sanctions Davis Over Alleged Client Complaints

Also, the Illinois regulator issued Kyle Davis a fine of $1,500 relating to his involvement in client complaints. Davis paid the fine.

NASD Issues Suspension, Fine To Kyle Davis For Unauthorized Trading At Morgan Stanley

The regulator sanctioned Kyle Davis by imposing a suspension of 10 days to resolve allegations of Davis’s unauthorized trading. Davis satisfied the suspension.

Morgan Stanley Client Alleges Unauthorized Trading Of Bonds By Davis

Particularly, a Morgan Stanley client took aim at Kyle Davis’s sales practices as a securities broker, as the client filed an investment dispute about it. Consequently, the client alleges that Davis’s unauthorized trading led to damages in connection with the client’s investments in bonds. It seems that the securities firm denied this client’s allegation of improper sales practices and denied their request for compensation.

Did You Sustain Damages By Investing Through Davis?

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