PeachCap’s Shelley Eddy Supposedly Sold Clients Unsuitable Investments

Investor Alert! Investors are bringing lawsuits or complaints about Shelley L. Eddy (CRD#: 4862159, Atlanta, Georgia). In fact, just in 2020 alone, seven investors complained about Eddy’s sales practices suggesting that Eddy caused their losses. Nearly all disputes pertain to Eddy’s actions at PeachCap Securities and PeachCap Tax / Advisory. Here’s more on the disputes which raise serious questions about whether Eddy sold unsuitable and misrepresented investments.

PeachCap Securities Client Indicates Shelley Eddy Sold Unsuitable Investments

Evidently, in July 2020, a client of PeachCap Securities filed a lawsuit about Shelley Eddy. Mainly, the client alleges that sales practice violations included unsuitable investments in a managed account. This could mean that Eddy might not have considered the client’s investment objectives, goals or risk tolerance. Not only that, but the investor sounded the alarm on alleged misrepresentations and omissions by Eddy. It could be that the client invested based on Eddy’s lies or inaccurate statements. Apparently, the client asked for more than $34,000 in compensation to resolve this dispute.

Client Of PeachCap Alleges Eddy Made Unsuitable Trades

Apparently, a client of PeachCap Securities took aim at Shelley Eddy in a FINRA Arbitration Claim from May 2020. First of all, the client supposedly purchased unsuitable investments. Secondly, Eddy or someone under Eddy’s management made unauthorized trades. Finally, the securities broker concealed information about the client’s managed account. Because of this, PeachCap apparently caused more than $48,000 in losses that the client now seeks to recover.

PeachCap Client Signals Shelley Eddy’s Sales Practice Violations

Similar to the first two clients, this PeachCap client indicated in this February 2020 dispute that Eddy made sales practice violations. Mainly, Eddy failed to diversify the client’s account. This could mean that Eddy overconcentrated the client in investments carrying high risk and which were unprofitable. Supposedly, in addition to unsuitable investments, the client received false information in relation to managed account holdings. Therefore, the client seeks more than $22,000 in compensation from Eddy or PeachCap in order to resolve this matter.

Eddy Apparently Mismanages Accounts

In a FINRA Arbitration Claim from January 2020, the client takes aim at Shelley Eddy for mismanagement. Apparently, the securities broker caused losses because of mismanagement of the client’s account. It seems that Eddy made poor and unreasonable decisions from 2015 to 2017 which caused the client to lose money. As a result, the client alleged more than $49,000 in losses. This matter is unresolved.

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