Client Files Dispute About Barred Integrity Broker Joshua Helmle

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) shows new information on BrokerCheck regarding securities broker Joshua Nathan Helmle (CRD#: 2195760, Monterey Park, California). Specifically, a client filed a dispute alleging sales practice violations. This comes after Integrity Brokerage LLC permitted Helmle to resign and after FINRA indefinitely barred Helmle as a securities broker. Read on for a quick recap of these disclosures.

Joshua Helmle’s Integrity Brokerage Services Client Alleges Misrepresentation

Evidently, in December 2021, a client sent a complaint to Integrity Brokerage Services regarding Joshua Helmle. As the owner and CCO, Helmle was named as a respondent. Mainly, the client alleges elder abuse, inaccurate references to investments including Preferred Apartment Communities and Moody REIT II, and false information regarding the client. For this reason, the client asked for $489,862 in compensation in this ongoing matter.

FINRA Indefinitely Bars Helmle As Securities Broker

It appears that FINRA, who oversees most securities brokers in the United States, indefinitely barred Joshua Helmle in September 2021 to resolve allegations of him enabling someone to associate with the firm against FINRA’s rules. Supposedly, Helmle did not consider FINRA’s warnings regarding a particular broker being prohibited from having an association with the firm. In addition, FINRA says that clients received letters indicating that this person would not be their broker, but that person would instead discuss the stock market and provide investment ideas. FINRA says that Helmle violated FINRA rules by allowing the person to associate with the firm.

Integrity Brokerage LLC Permits Joshua Helmle To Resign

It appears that Joshua Helmle worked for Integrity Brokerage LLC from February 2002 to December 2020. Notably, the firm permitted Helmle to resign following an investigation into his supervisory responsibilities. More specifically, the firm investigated a “potential breach of firm procedures” and “unauthorized representation” concerning disciplinary or enforcement proceedings.

Integrity Brokerage Services Client Alleges Failure To Supervise

Evidently, a client of Integrity Brokerage Services took issue with Joshua Helmle. Namely, this civil action alleges failure to supervise. It appears that the client sustained losses of $80,000 on OTC equity trades. For this reason, Integrity Brokerage Services opted to settle with the client by making a $22,500 payment.

Losses Through Joshua Helmle?

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