National Securities Corp Clients Allege Unsuitable Transactions By Securities Broker Shaun Stein

According to FINRA BrokerCheck, investors challenged the sales practices of securities broker Shaun Evan Stein (CRD#: 4873578, Jersey City, New Jersey). Evidently, Stein worked for JP Turner Company LLC and National Securities Corporation. The investment disputes reported on BrokerCheck concern his actions at those firms. Allegedly, Stein caused one or more of these investors to experience damages because of unsuitable or unauthorized transactions. Here’s more on the allegations against him.

Shaun Stein’s Client At National Securities Corp Alleges Unsuitable Private Placement

Evidently, a client of National Securities Corp expressed concern in May 2020 about Shaun Stein’s sales of over-the-counter equities, real estate securities, and private placements. Supposedly, Stein engaged in unsuitable trading of those products. For this reason, the client asked for $750,000 in compensation in this pending FINRA Arbitration Claim.

Client Of National Securities Corp Alleges Unsuitability

Notably, a second client of Shaun Stein at National Securities Corp took issue with his private placement recommendations or sales. Specifically, in this March 2020 dispute, the client asserted damages in connection with an unsuitable private placement purchase. Because of this, National Securities Corp opted to settle this matter by making a $25,000 payment to the client.

JP Turner Company Client Alleges Churning, Breach Of Fiduciary Duty In Dispute About Shaun Stein

It appears that a client of JP Turner Company brought a 2015 lawsuit against Shaun Stein in a South Carolina court. Namely, Stein purportedly churned their account and made unsuitable trades. Also, the client alleged breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract. Finally, JP Turner Company is accused of violations of unfair trade practices. Evidently, in February 2019, the client stopped pursuing this matter.

Stein Faces Accusations Of Unauthorized Transactions

Moreover, a JP Turner Company client took aim at Shaun Stein’s stock trades. Supposedly, Stein made unauthorized transactions involving over-the-counter equities and stocks. However, JP Turner Company denied this complaint.

Losses By Investing With Stein?

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