Valaris Plc (NYSE: VAL) Losses Because Of Your Securities Broker Or Financial Advisor?

Soreide Law Group is reviewing possible investor claims against securities brokers and financial advisors who may have inappropriately recommended or even misrepresented investments in Valaris Plc (NYSE: VAL). Namely, as of May 22, 2020, VAL was priced at $0.33. Over the last 5 years, VAL has essentially plummeted in value. In fact, it has declined more than 94% since February 20.

What Is Valaris Plc?

Valaris Plc (formerly known as Ensco Rowan Plc) is a London, UK based company that was established in 2009. It concentrates in the oil and gas industry. Evidently, Valaris provides offshore drilling services and operates a fleet of drill ships, semi-submersibles, jackups and deep-water managed units.

What Contributed To VAL’s Price Declines?

As of April 29, 2020, Valaris reported that it had a net loss of $3.01 billion which equates to $15.19 per share for Q1 2020. This greatly exceeds the $216 million net loss which it reported in Q4 2019. Valaris’ President and CEO, Tom Burke, attributed VAL’s losses largely to low energy demand which has been exacerbated by COVID-19. Particularly, Burke indicated that customers for offshore drilling have reduced their expenditures in light of these market conditions. Notably, Burke projects that Valaris will continue to report negative cash flows and losses through the rest of 2020.

Securities Brokers, Financial Advisors Possibly Made Unsuitable VAL Recommendations

Critically, securities brokers and financial advisors could have recommended for clients to purchase VAL without disclosing risks and without considering their clients’ goals, risk tolerances, financial needs or other aspects of the clients’ investor profiles. Also, it is possible that securities brokers and financial advisors pushed energy sector investments because of the prospect of high returns while downplaying risks. Unfortunately, energy sector investments can be very volatile and have generated serious losses for investors as of late. It appears that some investors could have sustained big losses on VAL.

Losses By Investing In VAL?

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