Oppenheimer Investors File Disputes Alleging Sales Practice Violations By Securities Broker Jeffrey Warren

Soreide Law Group provides you with the following update regarding securities broker Jeffrey Warren (CRD#: 2707969, Boca Raton, Florida). It appears that as of May 28, 2021, FINRA barred Warren from acting as a securities broker or associating with a FINRA-member firm. Moreover, four investors brought disputes about Warren. It appears that these disputes contain allegations of misrepresentation and unsuitability. Here’s more.

FINRA Bars Jeffrey Warren

According to a disclosure reported by FINRA, Jeffrey Warren did not admit or deny FINRA’s findings, but he did consent to its sanctions. The regulatory action is the result of an investigation by FINRA where it requested certain information and documents from Warren relating to a gift that he received from a former Oppenheimer client.

Specifically, the dispute arose out of a complaint from a beneficiary of Jeffrey Warren’s deceased client concerning a gift that the client had given to Warren prior to their death. Supposedly, when FINRA investigated Warren, he refused to provide the requested information and documents. Failing to comply with these FINRA requests while under investigation showed that Warren violated FINRA rules, according to the regulator. Because of Warren’s failure to comply, he cannot be a FINRA-member securities broker.

Oppenheimer Client Files Misrepresentation, Suitability Dispute Involving Jeffrey Warren

In May 2021, an Oppenheimer client disputed Jeffrey Warren’s unit investment trust and annuity sales. Supposedly, Warren made misrepresentations about these investments. Not only that, but the securities broker purportedly made unsuitable transactions. The customer bought these investments in June 2009, May 2010, and February 2020. The client is requesting damages in the amount of $30,000. Evidently, this matter is unresolved.

Oppenheimer Client Alleges Unauthorized Transaction By Jeffrey Warren

According to a disclosure reported by FINRA on February 10, 2021, a beneficiary of a trust accused Jeffrey Warren of depositing a check without the consent of the beneficiary. Supposedly, this took place in January 2021 when Warren worked for Oppenheimer. As reported by BrokerCheck, the client asked for $125,000 to resolve this matter. However, Oppenheimer denied this dispute.

Jeffrey Warren’s Wachovia Securities Client Alleges Poor Performance

In 2008, a client accused Warren of wrongdoing relating to the fees and poor performance of a unit investment trust investment. However, Wachovia Securities denied this dispute.

Losses Through Warren?

Did you suffer losses because of securities broker Jeffrey Warren? If so, call Soreide Law Group at (888) 760-6552 and speak with a skilled securities lawyer about a potential recovery of your losses. Soreide Law Group represents clients on a contingency fee basis and advances all costs. The firm has recovered substantial compensation for United States investors who have incurred losses because of their financial advisors and securities brokers. Please note that Warren all allegations of his sales practice violations.Lars Soreide AVVO 2020 Top Lawyer